Extremely comfortable, healthy and stylish memory foam pillows

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Pillow Has Never Been This Comfortable & Fashionable

Comfortable & Fashionable

Multiple sleeping zones
Low-neck Zone: 8 cm
High-neck Zone: 10cm

Fit the cervical spine perfectly
Effectively protect the cervical spine
Let sleep more healthy

High polymer memory foam
Slow rebound
Perfect balance between elasticity and support

CatBellys pillow VS Ordinary pillow
Ordinary pillow
Fill the bag with cotton

No elasticity, uncomfortable

High in the middle and low around, easy to slide

No support for the neck , easy to hurt the cervical spine

Pillows have nothing to do with fashion

Pillowcases and pillow cores be purchased separately

The wrapping is simple , not suitable as a gift.

CatBellys pillow
Empowered with technology

High quality memory foam, Extreme comfort

Sleeping on your Back, Side or Stomach.

Close to the neck to protect cervical health

The most fashionable pillow

Matching pillow core and pillow case

Exquisite packaging, Best gift

Customer Reviews


This pillow is GREAT! It truly supports my head and neck and I just form to the pillow. 

Sep 5, 2022


I bought pillows and I am delighted. It is very good product quality. Beautiful packaging, very soft. They take care of the details. You can perceive that you are buying something of high quality.

Sep 1, 2022


Wow. What a pillow! What I like about this pillow is that it provides the right support especially if you start on your side.

Aug 26, 2022


I was hunting for a memory foam pillow that support your neck and head while sleeping. And I get a great night's sleep.I'll be ordering more of these for sure! 

Aug 12, 2022


I am very picky about my pillows and this one is perfect for me.  I would recommend to anyone and buy these again myself.

Jul 6, 2022


Pillow that supports your neck this is the one.The fine quality of this pillow justifies the price.

May 18, 2022


I never thought I'd find a pillow that I LOVE, but this one is it!!! So soft but suppotive.

Feb 24, 2022


 It has been hard to find a pillow that has enough neck support while still being soft.catbellys' pillows are the perfect ones.

Mar 23, 2022


I bought the pillow because I had been waking up with a neck ache for the past few months.  I have to say this pillow has helped me immensely!!

Feb 16, 2022


The perfect pillow.These pillows are very comfortable,and provided enough support for my head.

Jan 26, 2022

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