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“Upgrade your sleeping style with our comfortable and fashionable pillows – the ultimate upgrade for your bedding.”
The most fashionable pillow, Best gift
High quality memory foam, Extreme comfort
Close to the neck to protect cervical health
Breathable and bacteriostatic, skin protection

Color: Purple

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Pillow Has Never Been This Comfortable & Fashionable

Comfortable & Fashionable

Ordinary pillow
Fill the bag with cotton

No elasticity, uncomfortable

High in the middle and low around, easy to slide

No support for the neck , easy to hurt the cervical spine

Pillows have nothing to do with fashion

Pillowcases and pillow cores be purchased separately

The wrapping is simple , not suitable as a gift.

CatBellys pillow
Empowered with technology

High quality memory foam, Extreme comfort

Sleeping on your Back, Side or Stomach.

Close to the neck to protect cervical health

The most fashionable pillow

Matching pillow core and pillow case

Exquisite packaging, Best gift

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Pillow

Many of us may overlook the importance of the pillow, but the fact is that it will accompany us for a third of our life.
A good pillow can help us get better sleep, protect our cervical spine and skin, and keep us energized.

Multiple sleeping zones
Low-neck Zone: 8 cm
High-neck Zone: 10cm

Fit the cervical spine perfectly
Effectively protect the cervical spine
Let sleep more healthy

High polymer memory foam
Slow rebound
Perfect balance between elasticity and support

Science serve Life
The best Gift

The Sleep Experience Reimagined

We redefine the pillow with the first principle and subversive innovative thinking, aiming to try to change people's concept: the pillow is not just a ball of cotton, but should be more comfortable and fashionable.

Breathable , Bacteriostatic
The outer pillow cover is made of nylon cotton-like fabric, comfortable and smooth with excellent air permeability, which can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and protect the facial skin.
High polymer memory foam
Memory foam is a high molecular material with remarkable properties of slow rebound, which was first used in the aerospace field. Now, it is used by CatBellys in sleep.
Comfortable with large size
The pillow is 70*40 cm (L*W), two areas for sleeping on side, the front and rear neck height is 8cm and 10cm, making it comfortable to sleep on the side or sleep on the back.
Fashion design
The rounded shape design (inspired by the belly of cats) matches with the warm color make the pillow fashionable and warm.
The best gift
It is suitable as a gift to give to men and women, so that she/he can think of you every time he/she sleeps.

The Importance of Good Sleep

1. Eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength: sleep is the main way to eliminate body fatigue, because during sleep the function of the gastrointestinal tract and its related organs synthesize and produce energy substances of the human body for activity use. In addition, the decrease in body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and partial endocrine decrease the basal metabolic rate, thus recovering physical strength.

2.Beneficial to the skin: in sleep, the capillary circulation of the skin increases and its secretion and removal process is strengthened, thus accelerating the regeneration of the skin and beneficial to the skin beauty.

3. Anti-aging and promoting longevity: according to a lot of investigation and research data in recent years, the elderly who are healthy and longevity have a good and normal sleep. Human life is like a burning flame, burning regularly can make life more lasting. The burning time will be shortened if the burning sometimes strong or sometimes weak, and people will die early if the sleep is sometimes good or sometimes bad.

4. Protecting the brain, restoring energy: people who don't get enough sleep show irritability, agitation or listlessness, inattention, memory loss, etc.. long-term lack of sleep can lead to hallucinations. People who get enough sleep are energetic, quick-thinking, and efficient, which is because the oxygen consumption of the brain is greatly reduced during sleep and conducive to the energy storage of brain cells. Therefore, sleep is beneficial to protect the brain and improve brain power.

5. Strengthening immunity and physical rehabilitation: under normal circumstances, the human body can produce antibodies to all kinds of invading antigenic substances, and eliminate them through immune response to protect human health. Sleep can enhance the body's ability to produce antibodies, so as to enhance the body's resistance. moreover, sleep can accelerate the rehabilitation of various tissues and organs. Sleep is often used as a therapeutic tool in modern medicine to help patients spend the most painful period and facilitate the recovery of the illness.

6. Good for mental health: sleep is very important for protecting people's mental health and maintaining people's normal mental activities. Poor sleep for a short time will lead to inattention, while poor sleep for a long time can lead to unreasonable thinking and other abnormal conditions.

Frequently Asked

1. What is the CatBellys pillow?

CatBellys pillow is a new-generation sleep partner developed by CatBellys. the pillow is round inspired by the bulging belly of cats, which seems very comfortable and warm, and attract people to touch it. filled with shape memory polymer foam, the pillow inner simulates the the soft, elastic, and warm feeling of the cat's belly. hence the name "CatBellys pillow". it is not only a pillow but also a pet cat that gives you warmth, comfort, and companionship.

2. What material does CatBellys pillow use?

Filled with shape memory polymer foam, CatBellys pillow can withstand tens of thousands of extrusion without deformation. The pillowcase is made of polyester fabric and can greatly protect the pillow inner for its good elasticity, strong resilience, durability, wrinkle resistance, etc. Adopting the blending process of nylon and spandex, the pillowcase has the characteristics of good elasticity, durability, and air permeability. with 10-times of abrasion resistance compared with cotton, the pillow feels very comfortable and can effectively protect the face skin.

3. What is memory foam?

Memory foam, also known as space foam, is made of polyurethane and is a sow rebound soft polyurethane foam. It has a special slow rebound elasticity. It will evenly disperse the pressure when subjected to pressure. Once the force disappears, it will slowly return to the initial shape. Memory foam is developed by the research center subordinated to NASA. Memory pillow filled with memory foam can provide perfect support for the neck and head while maintaining elasticity. Therefore, it has a good effect on improving sleep quality and protecting the cervical vertebra.

4. Is memory foam an environmentally friendly material?

Yes. It is. There is no formaldehyde pollution. memory cotton has been used in various household industries that attach importance to safety and health for a long time. Compared with those artificial latex with formaldehyde risk and natural latex with allergy risk that are popular in China, memory foam is more environmentally friendly, safer, and healthier, because there is no related discomfort. Besides, SGS professional testing has confirmed that CatBellys memory foam does not contain formaldehyde.

5. What are the advantages of CatBellys' memory pillow?

1. Waveform design: The waveform design of CatBellys Memory Cotton Pillow is very consistent with the physiological curve of human body, forming the support of cervical spine. The temperature-sensing shaping function of CatBellys Memory Cotton Pillow can make the pillow fit more comfortably and perfectly with the head and neck, thus overcoming the stress and deformation of the cervical spine caused by the suspension of the cervical spine when sleeping with traditional round or oval pillows.

2. Suitable softness: The CatBellys Memory Cotton Pillow is neither too hard nor too soft. The magic of it is that it feels soft by hand but not too soft for sleeping. This softness can support the head and neck well and feels comfort. It is a perfect choice. A pillow that is too hard will cause mild numbness or soreness in the head, auricle, neck, back, arms, hands, etc., while a pillow that is too soft is difficult to well support the neck and head.

3. Good comfort: The unique slow-rebound feature of CatBellys Memory Cotton Pillow has no pressure on the head and cervical spine, which is very comfortable, and is conducive to the blood circulation of the head and neck, making you have a deep sleep.

4. Air permeability: The CatBellys Memory Cotton Pillow have natural breathability, is warm in winter and cool in summer, can inhibit mold growth, and prevent bacteria and mites. Using pillows with poor ventilation performance is easy to sweat in summer, easy to accumulate bacteria, can not ensure adequate breathing during sleep, and have potential safety hazards for children to use. The CatBellys Memory Cotton Pillow solves these problems and is the healthiest pillow in the new era.

6. Where does CatBellys' design inspiration come from?

The design of CatBellys is inspired by the bulging belly of cats. The beautiful arc of the pillow is very round, giving you a comfortable feeling. the color of pillowcase is warm, looking warmer. the low middle and high around the pillow can make the pillow fit the head and neck more comfortable and perfect, so as to overcome the problem of cervical deformation caused by the cervical spine hanging in the air when using a traditional round or oval pillow. The pillow is divided into two areas: low neck area and high neck area, so that users can freely choose a suitable sleeping area according to their physical conditions, making sleep more comfortable.

7. What is the size of the pillow?

It is 70cm*40cm*10cm, weighting 1.5kg.

8. What is the way of pillow care?

It is recommended to hang dry the pillow inner in a shady and well ventilated place once a month, avoid washing and exposing to the sun, so as to effectively prevent dampness and bacterial breeding. CatBellys pillowcases can be washed by water or machine. It is recommended to clean it once a month to keep clean and hygienic.

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CloudComfort Memory Pillows - Purple
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